A PSA I posted to Reddit: “Deity work” is not dangerous!

You, yes you, all the way in the back: "Deity work" is not dangerous. This is an insidious lie that damages communities, and actively harms people. Gods, and having relationships with them, are not any more dangerous than interacting with any other human being. It is no more dangerous than getting behind the wheel of your... Continue Reading →

On the Historicity of Myth

So I'm active on Reddit. Not a fantastic habit in and of itself, but it's giving me opportunities to hash out some of my own ideas on theology, and sometimes I inadvertently wind up writing blog posts in comment threads. Like this one! How do pagans see the various myths and legends of their individual... Continue Reading →

The Cosmology of ‘Things I Like’

I don't really know what else to call it, but this is something I've identified among the strongly secular agnostic/atheist/humanist demographic in our western world, and it enjoys quite a vast reign among us contemporary pagans as well; even those who purport to possess and follow a less individualist historical cosmology. The cosmology of "things... Continue Reading →


I've begun re-reading Masks of the Spirit: Image and Metaphor in Mesoamerica, one of the few texts I would consider required reading for understanding Mesoamerican spiritual thought. I haven't read the entire thing myself - it's an extremely dense synthesis of several fields of study, including folklore, art history, and ethnography - but the few chapters I... Continue Reading →

Gods, Volcanoes, and AI

I'm some ways into a book called Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded, by Simon Winchester. It came highly recommended from my father, and he lent me the book, so I figured why not. It's mostly about the colonial history and geology of the region, the sort of stuff that's interesting to me any day of the... Continue Reading →

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