Confessionary reminder:

Confessions will be read on the full moon this Saturday! If you have any confessions to share or burdens to offload, please do not hesitate to take part in the Neyolmelahualitzli (ney-ol-mel-ah-wah-LEETZ-lee) rite, from the comfort of your own home. Confessions are completely anonymous, and are are only seen by my eyes before being given... Continue Reading →

A PSA I posted to Reddit: “Deity work” is not dangerous!

You, yes you, all the way in the back: "Deity work" is not dangerous. This is an insidious lie that damages communities, and actively harms people. Gods, and having relationships with them, are not any more dangerous than interacting with any other human being. It is no more dangerous than getting behind the wheel of your... Continue Reading →

The Confessionary opens tomorrow!

Traditionally a rite one took part in only once during their life, during which they confessed to the gods their gravest transgressions, the Neyolmelaoalitzli or Heart-Cleansing is now an online fixture in the form of a formal Confessionary for anyone of any spiritual background to take part in as often as they feel they need... Continue Reading →

A Non-Hierarchical Polytheism

It is difficult to convey the texture of this metaphysics to someone practicing from within Indo-European conceptions of divinity and cosmology. There are so many commonalities that it makes describing the vast differences nearly impossible. However, one of the things that there is no doubt in my mind about, is that the cosmovision of the Mexica is most emphatically non-hierarchical.

The icon is raised.

The painting, large by the standard of most icons, is wrapped in white linen for the journey home from the studio, where it has been taking shape, being born, for the past nine months. The artist sets it in front of his home shrine and waits for the appointed day: 11-Kawak, the day sign of... Continue Reading →

October Works

Tezcatlipoca, Tlazolteotl, and two personal works. I'll spare explanations of these god images for now, as I'll be talking about them more in conjunction with the Neyolmelaoalitzli that I plan on beginning late this fall, perhaps at the end of November after the quick succession of remembrance days. (If I'm given the final go-ahead and... Continue Reading →

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