A PSA I posted to Reddit: “Deity work” is not dangerous!

You, yes you, all the way in the back: "Deity work" is not dangerous. This is an insidious lie that damages communities, and actively harms people. Gods, and having relationships with them, are not any more dangerous than interacting with any other human being. It is no more dangerous than getting behind the wheel of your... Continue Reading →


Lady Chantico is She-Who-Makes-The-House, goddess of the hearthfire. She oversees the personal act of autosacrifice, making sure our offerings and prayers reach the rest of the Teteo. Accordingly, she is dressed in whites and reds, and bedecked in sacred jade, a symbol of fire. She was punished, once, for breaking a fast by eating a... Continue Reading →

A Scattering of Thoughts

A customer came in the other day and told me about a book I might get around to reading while I'm off work for 3 weeks. He's a longtime regular of the coop, and heads a local emergency food initiative that works with us to secure a lot of staples for their family food hampers.... Continue Reading →

New Cult Image In the Works

This will not be a digital piece, but this is the first layout of the painting as I've envisioned it. It combines elements from all my previous icons and images, and will be introducing new ones as well. Work will probably be done with handmade casein paint and quality artist pigments (hopefully I can incorporate... Continue Reading →

The Cudgel

The first thing I do when penning a new blog post is to title it. I declare my subject, and the flavor of that subject, before actually doing any writing. I make a leap of faith that my title will be good and sufficient in introducing ideas that I have not yet organized, and then... Continue Reading →

Advice for Newcomers to Polytheism

A while ago I participated in a reddit thread that asked a simple question: what advice would I give to anyone new to paganism or polytheism? I posted a short list of a few things I feel are universal truisms that a brand new practitioner might not have gotten a chance to think about yet,... Continue Reading →

Polytheism in Science Fiction

Admittedly, I'm not nearly as well versed in SF as I could be, especially since I consider myself a fan. My experience is limited to comic books, Star Trek and some other TV shows, the real-life musical canon (Sun Ra and Holst, anyone?), film classics, and a handful of book titles. I find myself writing... Continue Reading →

Old World Gods, Nahualized

This is something I've been thinking on quite a bit for a few weeks: if eclectic syncretism is the natural state of historical polytheism - in that "pantheons" are an artificial, academic construct - then it should follow that you could syncretize icons too, without disrespecting any involved party. I mean, cultures in and around... Continue Reading →

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