More On ‘Things I Like’, Art Edition

It’s been a few shitty-ass mental health months for me, but I’m trying to stay engaged. I’ve been reading some essays on aesthetics and philosophy (the former I would heartily encourage any sufficiently serious polytheist artist to have at least a basic understanding of in how it pertains to their tradition), and I’m getting pretty … More More On ‘Things I Like’, Art Edition


I’ve begun re-reading¬†Masks of the Spirit: Image and Metaphor in Mesoamerica,¬†one of the few texts I would consider required reading for understanding Mesoamerican spiritual thought. I haven’t read the entire thing myself – it’s an extremely dense synthesis of several fields of study, including folklore, art history, and ethnography – but the few chapters I … More Unfoldings

Real Rotwork

My husband has cancer. I called 911 on the morning of the 11th because he woke up suffering from excruciating chest pain, he couldn’t breathe, and he couldn’t get up without feeling faint. These were symptoms he’d been feeling for a few days now, writing them off as byproducts of workplace stress, but by saturday … More Real Rotwork

Miro and Mano

Miro and Mano are the names I’ve finally, after 6 years, been given for the Twins. When I prayed to Hun Batz and Hun Chowen, they answered. For 5 years I thought that’s who they were; it was only until after I’d spent my year of dedication to them did I learn that they were … More Miro and Mano