Card Readings

I use this deck by Pam Wishbow now, an amazing little oracle system that speaks to me like nothing else has, using imagery that I am begrudgingly familiar with. I don’t go with the little book this deck came with, so this reading is almost entirely intuitive.

One card: $1
Three cards: $5
Custom reading: negotiable

Stave Draws/Throws

This is a divination system whose imagery and method is completely of my own design. A certain number of staves, out of a total of 16, will be thrown, and how they land, coupled with associated “rune” poems, will inform the reading.

For throws:

Two staves: $1
Four staves: $5
Custom throw: negotiable

For draws:

One thing that I really like about this system is just how “conversational” it can be. For this method, you will have the opportunity to ask three questions, each getting a response. Only your first question should be planned; the subsequent two should be in response to the answers you receive, which may allow you to home in on a more detailed answer, or might open you up to questions you didn’t know you had. (This is an intuitive reading, so I don’t rely on any poems or other structured meanings of the symbol on the stave to discern the responses. The nature of this reading also necessitates that we can rapidly communicate; Skype is the preferred option here, though email is fine too so long as we are both online at the same time, and I’ll even consider text messaging if you’re in the US or Canada.)

Three answers: $5
More answers: negotiable

What I Need From You

A question or some kind of basic information about the situation. No specifics, as this’ll unfortunately encourage my own biases to enter into the information I get for you.

Send payment to doitforscience at gmail dot com if you’re using paypal. I will also take bitcoin, which can be sent here.

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