I primarily use my own deck, The Braided Oracle, for readings. It’s a 61-card deck using my own system of symbols, inspired by years of self- and spirit-taught practice. I also use the Girls Underground deck designed by my good friend Dver.

I specialize in matters pertaining more to personal and spiritual development, communicating with the numinous, and verifying information therefrom. I can also read on more mundane concerns, but the answers won’t be straightforward!


  • 1 card: $3 (2 min read)
  • 2 cards: $5 (5 min read)
  • 4 cards: $10 (10 min read)
  • Custom: $20+ (15+ min read)

If you’re interested, shoot me an email (boneblack at pm dot me) with your question and any other details that will inform the price. If questions are concerning devotional practice or specific spirits, I will also be happy to make offerings on your behalf. The cost of these will be added to the invoice after the consult.

I’ll shoot you a Paypal payment request, and once I’ve received payment I’ll pull your cards, providing pictures and a thorough write-up of my read via email. I don’t do free follow-up questions, though feedback is always appreciated!


I do divination both on Wednesdays, and in keeping with a 20-day cycle of the Yucatec calendar, and it is up to you when you want the reading done. (Being a shift worker in retail during these troubled times, scheduled sessions may fall through at the last minute, in which case I will reschedule for the nearest Wednesday or at another time of your choosing.) The 20-day cycle dates for 2021 are:

Jan: 7 / 27
Feb: 16
Mar: 8 ( No 28th this month, as it falls during the Nameless Days.)
Apr: 17
May: 7 / 27
Jun: 14
Jul: 6 / 26
Aug: 15
Sep: 4 / 24
Oct: 14
Nov: 3 / 23
Dec: 13

Please note that prices are low, as they reflect my current comfort level with reading for strangers via email, with a new cartomancy system. Expect them to go up as I gain better footing in this area of divination that’s new to me.

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