Neyolmelahualiztli: The Heart-Cleansing

We recite before her all vanities. We spread before her all unclean works. However ugly, however grave; feel no shame! Before her, all may be exposed. Evil, perversion, debauchery – these things Tlazolteotl offers and inspires in us. And therefore these things she also forgives and makes pure. In her hands lie the blue and yellow waters.

And so she pardons us. In her presence confession is made: the heart is opened and washed clean.

This is a placeholder page for my future confession-taking practice, which is closely bound to my ancestor work and duties to the dead.

I will take confessions from anyone who acknowledges the power of the gods we call Tezcatlipoca and Tlazolteotl, under whose purview this process is permitted to take place, though you are not required to worship them. I make no guarantees about any specific results of this rite, only that I hope in partaking of confession you will be less burdened.

Confession is a sacred act. Do not abuse it.

How It Works

You will submit your anonymous confession to me using the link below, preferably around the new moon. I will review them on or near the full moon, after which I will publicly announce that they have been heard, and post an accompanying prayer.

Most of the work is done behind the scenes: I make offerings and perform purification rites on behalf of the process itself.

I require nothing else from you, but to more fully participate in the rite, I recommend finishing the ritual for yourself at home:

  • Clean your house, especially the room where you will be performing the ritual. It is not necessary to do this at your usual shrine. In fact, the center of the home/space is best.
  • Take off your clothes, or as much clothing as possible.
  • Light a candle, and make offerings of sweet-smelling incense and a few drops of your own blood shed onto a piece of paper, which is then burned. (Be sure to practice safe autosacrifice technique!)
  • To the fire, say: “I bring myself before you, into the presence of the god of near and nigh, of night and wind. I have told you of my suffering and misdeeds, and may I be clear in your sight.”
  • Fasting for the next 4 days in whatever way is appropriate for your situation (calorie-restriction, simple foods, avoiding salt or seasoning, etc.) is also recommended.


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