The Fix

I’ve been thinking about miasma lately; about that time Markos Gage told me that artists are an inherently miasmatic demographic of people because of all the creating we do. I understood that on a very deep level but intellectually I struggled to make anything coherent of it. Which, maybe, is besides the point. Lately – … More The Fix

One of the surest ways to find out if you’re doing Work is to stop doing it and see what happens. I took a 2 month break from it, and my life crumpled. I lost all sense of time, of obligation, of who and where and why. I did something related to it instead – … More

There’s something to having to dig the hole to bury your dead. It’s holding the shovel, swinging the pickax, the sound of you knocking on the earth and digging the door. Even if it’s a small hole, no bigger than you if you’d curled up nice and tight. It’s feeling the weight of the wood … More

Slow Retreat

I’m making my slow retreat from here, this place. This non-place of shimmering nowheres, this network of will-o-the-wisps, built by war and fed by id. We were never in control. It never had those qualities inherent to all Good Things. Mostly, my body is beginning to remember that it will die. My hands ache, and … More Slow Retreat


I started reading this for secular reasons, but wound up being very relevant to my recent animist pursuits of understanding plastics, fossil fuels, and art. Plastiglomerate is a new pseudo-geological substance created from the merging of melted plastics with sand that’s been found on Kamilo beach in Hawai’i. This piece is less an analysis of … More Plastiglomerate

On Anthropolatry

In his first post at, Greer makes use of a term that describes something I was looking to talk about, that’s currently sitting in my drafts. I’ll probably put that out in a few days. At any rate, “anthropolatry” is exactly what you think it is: the elevation of humanity to goodhood, and the … More On Anthropolatry