More Cards

  I’ve decided to call it the Braided Oracle; technically a braid refers to three components (or more), so a name referencing the dyadic nature of the system would have been appropriate, though I can’t imagine that drawing cards in threes would be impossible. I still like the braid/cordage analogy, though – especially since a … More More Cards

Oracle deck WIP

Been working on this on and off for several months, but it will be a packed deck at 60+ cards with a lot of complex interplay between them – in fact, they’re designed to be drawn in pairs. When I’m settled in Vancouver, I might see about Kickstarting a risograph printing of the deck. We’ll … More Oracle deck WIP

Miro and Mano

Miro and Mano are the names I’ve finally, after 6 years, been given for the Twins. When I prayed to Hun Batz and Hun Chowen, they answered. For 5 years I thought that’s who they were; it was only until after I’d spent my year of dedication to them did I learn that they were … More Miro and Mano

A new online/print publication we might like Emergence Magazine is a quarterly online publication featuring innovative stories that explore the threads connecting ecology, culture, and spirituality. The first issue is out right now, and is apparently published quarterly, and will be collected in an annual print edition. The website also provides multimedia offerings in the form of videos, photo essays, podcasts, … More A new online/print publication we might like

The Dead Zones

This morning I watched in vague horror and disgust as one of my neighbors reached up with a pole into the rafters of his patio awning and scraped away a dove’s nest after shooing the birds, who were undoubtedly sitting on a pair of delicate eggs, away. It’s the same feeling I get whenever I … More The Dead Zones