Care Boxes

Sharon Blackie came up with the idea, I’m just building on it and making the concept more accessible to US and Canadian residents and those with smaller budgets.

Each box will contain:

  • A unique, empowering, hand-drawn sigil
  • An intuitive 3-stave reading with hand-written results
  • A poem
  • A koan
  • A piece of wrapped hard candy (vegan and nut-free)

And may also contain:

  • Found objects
  • Small thrift store finds
  • A small piece of art made by me
  • Craft supplies
  • A zine

Each request will likely take several days to complete (to take Ms. Blackie’s estimate, about a week), as each box will be 100% made-to-order, and tailored to the needs and circumstances of who orders it.

Polytheists: Please tell me which Gods and spirits you are closest to so that I can ask Them to bless the items in your box.

Atheists and misotheists: I will make no attempt to bless the contents of your box, though I will ask my personal Gods to acknowledge this as part of my project of service and bless my work instead of you. You may also request that the sigil and divination reading be left out if those are of no use to you.

Use the contact form below to submit your request, and I will get back to you about when you can expect your box to ship. Please tell me a little bit about who you are, what things you like, and why you felt compelled to submit a request. For instance, if you are a trans person who is going through a period of increased dysphoria, then I will be sure to include something that might help affirm your gender. If you are a polytheist who going through a fallow time, I might try to pay more attention to things that I think the Spirits could be sending your way.

A box can also be purchased for a friend; in which case, I will leave a note in the box letting the recipient know that it was a gift from you.

Care Boxes are priced on a sliding scale, based on what you can afford: $25-50 USD, shipping included. Please send a paypal payment to doitforscience at gmail dot com before submitting your request.

The amount you choose to pay for your box will not guarantee a certain number or quality of items. All requests are treated the same.

NOTE: I am NOT taking requests at this time.

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