Kings of the Hills; or, A Weekend at the Lake

Nobody can say that I don’t like to hear stories and perspectives from folks of all walks of life, that I don’t manage to get something out of being with varied company. I’ve shared table with island-owning millionaires and the once homeless, with Woodstock-era crystal healers and cattle ranchers, with Elon Muskian techno-optimists and flat earthers. I’ve … More Kings of the Hills; or, A Weekend at the Lake

The Thread

  During my May 1st observances, right after I had finished the working copy of the deck, I went out to the park with offerings of smoke and homemade liquor to begin building relationship with my new divination system. I quickly discovered its brutally honest, though still occasionally playfully enigmatic nature. I grabbed drinks with … More The Thread


I’ve been working with sigils more lately. Little nuggets of magic that help in small things throughout the day, or sometimes big things that requires the coordination of spirits and gods and (possibly, probably) ancestors. I haven’t had much energy or wherewithal for much else these past few months. I have a talent for making … More Sigils


I’ve working on cultivating dreams more lately. It’s a powerful way to cultivate the self, the subtle senses, and our relationships with our gods and spirits. I’m experimenting with herbal teas, and while progress is slow, it is steady. Plant spirits aren’t toys, after all! Above is a dream I had last week: an enormous … More Dream


I’ve begun re-reading Masks of the Spirit: Image and Metaphor in Mesoamerica, one of the few texts I would consider required reading for understanding Mesoamerican spiritual thought. I haven’t read the entire thing myself – it’s an extremely dense synthesis of several fields of study, including folklore, art history, and ethnography – but the few chapters I … More Unfoldings