A Scarf for my Mom

I bought my mom a ready-to-dye scarf kit for her birthday. We tried dyeing it at her house, but the coffee/beet mixture I threw together didn’t give us much in the way of results from sundyeing, so I took it home and resolved to dye it here. I’ve been playing around with natural dyes for … More A Scarf for my Mom

More On ‘Things I Like’, Art Edition

It’s been a few shitty-ass mental health months for me, but I’m trying to stay engaged. I’ve been reading some essays on aesthetics and philosophy (the former I would heartily encourage any sufficiently serious polytheist artist to have at least a basic understanding of in how it pertains to their tradition), and I’m getting pretty … More More On ‘Things I Like’, Art Edition

Feast Week

My husband and I are celebrating Feast Week this year – it almost slipped us by! I did it privately last year just to see how feasible it was for me to do, and found that it was a great, whimsical way to usher in the fall. Feast Week was conceived by a member of … More Feast Week

Embracing Miasma

One of the things that is sorely lacking in the discourse surrounding miasma and spiritual pollution is that there is a cyclical component to its effect on our lives. Miasma isn’t just random volleys of mundane filth that we get points for dodging, or inherent only in acts of secular, material life. There are greater cycles at … More Embracing Miasma

Kings of the Hills; or, A Weekend at the Lake

Nobody can say that I don’t like to hear stories and perspectives from folks of all walks of life, that I don’t manage to get something out of being with varied company. I’ve shared table with island-owning millionaires and the once homeless, with Woodstock-era crystal healers and cattle ranchers, with Elon Muskian techno-optimists and flat earthers. I’ve … More Kings of the Hills; or, A Weekend at the Lake

The Thread

  During my May 1st observances, right after I had finished the working copy of the deck, I went out to the park with offerings of smoke and homemade liquor to begin building relationship with my new divination system. I quickly discovered its brutally honest, though still occasionally playfully enigmatic nature. I grabbed drinks with … More The Thread