Indifference of Convenience? Pagan Community Silence on Mauna Kea — Of Axe and Plough

When it comes to protesting development over sacred sites, the wider Pagan community (online as it is) tends to be relatively vociferous. With the Dakota Access Pipeline and the conflict which erupted at Standing Rock over that situation, writers of Paganism unleashed a flurry of information, coordination, and protests. A search of the “Dakota Access […] … More Indifference of Convenience? Pagan Community Silence on Mauna Kea — Of Axe and Plough

False equivalences

Worship is not reverence. Autonomy is not dignity. Epiphany is not gnosis. Distraction is not respite. Morals are not ethics. Better is not good. More is not growth. Gifts are not blessings. Pain is not suffering. Logic is not reason. Learning is not work. Symbol is not allegory.

What Is The Real World

I go on Reddit sometimes – everybody makes mistakes, though a few subs have become my go-to’s for good interior design tips and asking mechanical questions about my Jeep, though not all in the same place lol – and due to the nature of social media and anonymous internet interaction, purposes cross, people talk over … More What Is The Real World

Feast Week

I’ve never been big on working with the human dead, whether blood ancestors or otherwise, and so far the only person who seems like a probable exception to this is JRR Tolkien. I’ve been moved by the spirit of this man and the spirit of his works for more than 15 years, and I think … More Feast Week


I started reading this for secular reasons, but wound up being very relevant to my recent animist pursuits of understanding plastics, fossil fuels, and art. Plastiglomerate is a new pseudo-geological substance created from the merging of melted plastics with sand that’s been found on Kamilo beach in Hawai’i. This piece is less an analysis of … More Plastiglomerate