rot∙work (n.)

  1. A variety of shadow work that centers the non-human world: its currency is sweat and blood.
  2. Practicing maintenance over innovation, stewardship over ownership.
  3. Watching from the sidelines, the care and keeping of hidden, unglamorous things.
  4.  Radical acceptance.

I’m Keen, a polytheist, animist, artist, writer, absurdist and, apparently, critic: I have a deep loathing for society at large, and I trust governments, digital technology, and other humans with as little of my life as I can manage. It’s nothing personal, it’s just not to my liking anymore.

The battles I pick are few, the offerings I leave are many, and the marks I make with pen and brush have power.

Hail the Storm, hail Miro and Mano.

I’m the writer/artist/translator for a comic project that has long since been hijacked by spirits, and I am the founder of Axe and Hammer, a kind of distro/imprint for my writings that aren’t meant to be read online, and for other related projects.

I spent most of 2016 exclusively worshiping, talking and working with a pair of Gods whom I call The Twins, and who may or may not have ever gone by the names Hun Batz and Hun Chowen. They’d taken advantage of the Chinese Year of the Monkey for this Work. That year of intensive practice is now over, and I’ve resumed giving cultus to a Storm God who I’ve been working with since 2011 in addition to my continued relationship with the Twins.

As of 2018 they have revealed to me their true names: Miro and Mano.

Also, as of this year I’ve begun doing some sort of spirit-type work, now under the mischievous tutelage of a pair of fox spirits and others whom I know very little about.