First name’s Lo, last name doesn’t matter, and I’m a polytheist, animist, artist, writer, absurdist and, evidently, critic and theorist. I ask questions of all sorts: the big, the small, the good, the silly, and may I never stop asking them. The battles I pick are few, the offerings I leave are many, and the marks I make with pen and brush have power.

I use he/they pronouns, depending on what my brain is doing. However, I always answer to both.

Hail the Storm, hail the gods, and through my work may I be touched by divine madness.

Social Media

I hate social media, but use it anyway.

My Works

  • I do a webcomic about characters living and operating in a thoroughly polytheist culture called The First Law. It’s a psychedelic SF cautionary tale about what happens when a society spends a few thousand years throwing right relationship out the window, and what recovering from that kind of mass hubris might look like.
  • I’m the founder of Numen Arts, a new collective of polytheist, pagan, and magical artists aiming to uphold the sacred and channel or house the numinous in their work.

The Story So Far…

  • 2020: Beginning work with Tlazolteotl through cultus, ancestor work, and learning Psychological First Aid techniques (via Johns Hopkins courses). She might be pushing me toward something like a practice of accepting confessions in a more ritualistic way for the polytheist community.
  • 2018-2019: My partner, in the weeks after I moved to a strange city in a strange country to be with him, was diagnosed with stage 4 gray-zone lymphoma, and spent the next year beating it. Most of my spiritual work at this time involved a lot praying and self-care, and not much else.
  • 2018: Alternate names for The Twins are revealed to me: Miro and Mano. And they may or may not actually be Hun Batz and Hun Chowen after all. This is the year that I also bound myself to the San Gabriel Mountains before moving out of the country.
  • 2016: An entire lunar year is dedicated to The Twins and their mysteries. Things with them get very strange, and I began my initiation into the mysteries of the arts.
  • 2015: I started a Nonbinary Mysteries Roundtable that lasted for several months.
  • 2012: I begin maintaining cultus for Hun Batz and Hun Chowen, The Twins.
  • 2011: I encounter Chaak for the first time – a god of storms, heavily associated with chthonic places. I am quickly driven to devotional worship. Movements toward most other Maya gods are gently, lovingly, thwarted.
  • 2010: Started practicing again in college, this time without any pretense of a Wiccish framework, and dove head-first into Mesoamerican traditions. Had a vision (waking dream during meditation) of Bast and Anubis delivering me into the “custody” of a thundering stormcloud in an underground passage, then departing.
  • 2005: Without any support network at my new high school, I dropped out of active practice, indulging more intellectually.
  • 2004: I oathed myself to Bast and Anubis, my short-lived god/goddess patrons.
  • 2002: Formally converted to paganism at the age of 13.

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