rot∙work (n.)

  1. A variety of shadow work that decenters the self; it is practiced by digging ditches, building relationship with the dying, by suffering through the stench of decay and the sting of loss, all while being unafraid to see beauty and feel joy.
  2. A form of deep listening that seeks to hear things as our animal senses perceive them, firmly placing us within an ancient lineage of Things, of which we are but a single moment.
  3. The practice of radical acceptance: amor fati


I’m Lo (Keen), a polytheist, animist, artist, and writer. I have a deep loathing for industrial civilization, I trust governments and digital technology with as little of my life as I can manage, I rue the Enlightenment, and I have chosen to let my family name die with me. (Hail King Ludd!)

I spent many years being suicidal, and in a sense, I have killed myself already. With one foot here, and the other Elsewhere, the world – This Place Where We Are Now – speaks to me anymore in ways that I can’t unhear. The old me is long gone, given back to whatever spirits see it fit enough to feast on. I will not be conscripted.

The battles I pick nowadays are few, and as a result I’m getting my emotions back.


I spent most of 2016 exclusively worshiping, talking with, and working with a pair of Gods whom I call The Twins, and who may or may not have ever gone by the names Hun Batz and Hun Chowen. They’d taken advantage of the Chinese Year of the Monkey for this Work. That year of intensive practice is now over, and I’m back to honoring other Gods again.