Deity Work v Being a Polytheist

Sarenth added some much appreciated nuance to my post.

We spoke and I explained that the “PSA” was meant more for newbies, especially coming from the online witchcraft world, using language the way I’ve seen them use it. If I use the term “deity work”, it’s along the lines that Sarenth explains. But when young pagans use it, it’s invariably used as either a PC alternative to “worship”, or it explicitly implicates a relationship with the gods wherein they are being used by the practitioner to achieve an end. (This goes back to the vending machine idea.)

A good post! Please read it.

Sarenth Odinsson

Rotwork wrote a post here exploring the idea of deity work that I will be pushing back on, and adding my own thoughts as I go.

Before I begin I want to be clear: I respect Rotwork a lot. I get that a lot of online spaces are cesspits, and produce a lot of toxic ideas that then get circulated. Those need to be pushed back on. That being said, I am going to push back a bit on some of the things they have talked about regarding deity work. There’s enough in here that I agree with in some respects that I feel like I am going to have dig into it a bit to be clear on where I disagree.

After exploring some of the ideas I posted on their Twitter feed and talking with friends, I find much of my issue is with baseline definitions. I understand…

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