Art & Numen is out!

My very first little book, Art & Numen, is for sale on Amazon!

cover FINAL sm

Who is the artist? Who are their gods? What are their mysteries? Why are they needed?

Art & Numen explores these questions and more, offering a clear and concise path for the pagan artist looking to deepen their ritual practice and devotional relationships.

Covering issues of history, materials, and technique, this book argues for the recognition of artists as religious specialists vitally necessary for the long-term health of their respective communities. And finally, it offers hope for the future in a society that views art as a mere resource to be exploited.

Artists, it’s time to reclaim your power.

I very much would prefer if folks bought the paperback, as physical copies have always been my preference, but these are difficult times and I know money is stretched thin for many. If you would like a digital copy of the book, send me $4.99 USD over Paypal, and I’ll email you a personalized PDF copy of the book.

This book has been several years in the making, and I’m not going to lie, it’s scary trying to “start” something as complex as a modern religious specialization. But our gods of beauty and inspiration deserve it, our spirits deserve it, our honored artist dead deserve it, and we deserve it too. We shortchange ourselves too much. It is time we reclaimed our power.


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