Tentative Call-Out for a Zine

Spending time in Yucca and Joshua Tree is like stepping into a time machine and setting the dial back by about, oh, 50 years. It’s a place full of hippies and new-agers and the otherwise mystically inclined, but perhaps most inspiring of all, it’s a very DIY-oriented place. But desert cities are often like that – out here, making do has evolved into a celebrated art form. There are more antique and thrift stores than fast food restaurants, and more junkyard sculptors than you can shake a stick at. It should come as no surprise, then, that the printed word is still alive and well out here.

So I was thinking to myself… why not start a zine, and inquire about getting it distributed at a few stores in town? I can’t imagine they’d say no to a small handful of home-printed booklets sold on consignment. With how many places sell tarot decks and spell kits around here, it might take little convincing.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • It would be comprised of short, blog-like columns from regular contributors, plus submissions from whomever, on the subjects of devotional polytheism, animism, divination, magic, and related subjects/works. The tone can be as formal or informal as desired.
  • A quarterly zine, quarter-page sized (for ease of snail mailing)
  • Printed, bound, and primarily distributed by me – I have a B&W laser printer that will do the trick nicely – contributors or others can distribute as they’d like for the price of printing and shipping.

I am… less and less enamored with the digital format of reading, writing, and communicating ideas as time goes on. Reading Dver’s recent book, even though most of the entires therein are still fresh in my memory, has got me thinking that she was meant to be read like that. Maybe more of us are meant to be read like that!

This would also give us polytheists a unique opportunity to reach out and perhaps inspire people to introduce themselves to Gods and spirits who otherwise might not have, because they’re just not familiar with our online haunts. (And the ratio of noise to engaging content is simply pitiful – I do not doubt that there have been people turned off from polytheism et al because of the sheer amount of chaff they found  when venturing onto polytheist social media.)

I have a couple people who I think might be interested, and I’ll reach out to them privately, but for the most part I have no idea who this idea appeals to. (I’ll also put the call out on the We Make Zines ning community.) So if this sounds like something you might be interested in, speak up! Let’s make this happen!

ETA: I realize that some of the wording here is confusing, so to be clear: this isn’t a purely local project for me, I just got the idea from hanging around Yucca Valley/Joshua Tree, and I will probably start getting my feet wet around there re: soliciting. (Though I do have a few other places in mind in other cities I’m familiar with once I perfect my inquiry technique.) As for distribution elsewhere, I will be more than happy to print copies to send to whomever wants to distribute it themselves, or send digital copies so that they can print it themselves.


4 thoughts on “Tentative Call-Out for a Zine

    1. That would be fantastic! You are a great polytheist writer, thinker, and practitioner, and it would be an honor to have you contribute something.

      Please send me an email at lo at lofrequency dot net so I might send out a mass email once I start hearing from interested folks. Thank you!


    1. I would most definitely have you! Shoot me an email at lo at lofrequency dot net so I’ve got you in my address book, and when I hear from a few more people, I’ll send out a mass thing and we can start brainstorming.

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