5 Offerings


The day that my Year of intensive dedication was over, I knew that the Old Man had come swooping back in to my life in a big way. It was raining a lot that day – no thunder or lightning, though – and it occurred to me to paint an icon of Him to construct a new shrine around.

So I set a container out to collect the rain, which I anointed with blood, and then used it to paint this image out of watercolor. I fed it blood again when I was finally finished with it today.

I’ve already settled on a bare-bones ritual format, though. It kind of happened spontaneously when I sat down to reintroduce myself to Him that day, but it makes sense given the framework I’m working within right now. Its centered around five offerings, relating to the five directions I suppose, and the five kinds of ritual paraphernalia that were often featured in mass state rituals: fire, smoke, food, alcohol, and blood. (Representing, I guess, fire, air, earth, water, and spirit, or whatever directions are bioregionally appropriate for my given location.) Though blood is vitally important in my practice, I lump it together with sweat/tears for obvious reasons – also because tears were often liked by a number of Mesoamerican rain Gods, who were Themselves sometimes depicted weeping – and because they are, as I’ve come to decide, the three things which we humans are able to give almost entirely by our own means.

Anyways, I’m excited.

Praise to the Stone-breaker!


3 thoughts on “5 Offerings

  1. I know nothing of the mesoamerican gods, but wow is that painting powerful! I feel like I know a little of this god now without even knowing his name.

    Really like the structure of the five offerings you described, it makes a lot of sense to me.

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