Note to self:

I had to think very carefully about how to title this post. One does not manifest these deities. These deities do not need your energy, your belief, your ritual technology, your imagination, your thought forms, your mystic incantations or anything else from your wizardly self in order to walk into the physical world. They have […]

via Inviting Olympians to Physically Manifest — Magick From Scratch

I’ve had encounters like this before – a certain thunderous, lightning-filled storm system that passed over my head one evening in Manhattan is the first time I met the Old Man, and when I decided to start worshiping Him – but after the past year, and the rather fallow year before that, I didn’t have much going on at all.

I’m genuinely excited about maintaining a shrine again because of the headspace it engenders. I’m ready for this kind of commitment again.