Good Things Come In Pairs

With no shrine to make offerings at, and no offerings really badly desired anyways, I’m taking this opportunity to publicly thank the Twins for hearing my prayers, and doing something about them in the most intense, real way. (Which is what I love about Them. They Get Shit Done.)

I knew I’d have Their support in finding work, but it really hit home just how hard They were trying to pull strings for me when it was only my favorite places that called me in for interviews. Literally my top three out of over dozens of positions applied for. It was up to me to rock those interviews, though, and up to the hiring managers to decide if I was the best candidate – and in the first two cases, it didn’t work out that way.

But today I went in for an interview with a store chain that I really, really wanted a job at – and in fact, applied to 2 years ago when I got laid off – and they hired me on the spot. I will probably start training next week.

But that’s not all, nope. I come home to find a letter in the mail from the FBI channeler I chose to handle my umpteenth set of fingerprints, and after two years and hundreds of dollars in processing fees and printing services, I opened the envelope to see that there was a letter in there with my rap sheet printed on it (or a note regarding a lack of a rap sheet, in my case). For two years now I’ve tried sending in fingerprints to get that rap sheet, to no avail – the FBI computers couldn’t read my prints, and after 6-10 weeks of processing time, I would get an unassuming note telling me to try again. I will be coming up on my 5th wedding anniversary in a couple of months, and I’m still not able to live in the same country as my partner. I needed the rap sheet in order to even begin the immigration application process. It hasn’t hit me yet, but I plan on getting shitfaced drunk at our Halloween party this weekend and crying on my best friend’s shoulder about it.

Two things in one day, after two years of trying to get them both. Was it luck?

In the immortal words of Obi-Wan Kenobi: In my experience, there’s no such thing as luck.

So here’s to two of the most wonderful, crazy, flawed, and beautiful Gods that I have ever had the honor of worshiping.


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