Coming Out as OS

A little late to the party, but I’m coming out as yet another thing:

I am objectum sexual!

I’m posting this here, specifically, because of how closely interrelated this part of my sexuality is with my animism and polytheism – in fact, I couldn’t have the one without the other. Most objectum sexuals consider themselves deeply, profoundly animist, and reading some of the words of the woman who founded the OS movement has really touched me as a polytheist as well.

From a FAQ on the official website (link at the end):

Can you describe some specifics of object-human communication?

Energy exchange is a large mean of communication for me. Obscure to those who can simply speak to their lover. However, communication is relegated to the level at which both parties can exchange and for me and my objects; it is mostly through temperature exchange. I have very heightened tactile senses. Typical means for a human to communicate fail to achieve a direct link with the object and therefore I have developed, not sure how, the antenna to pick up signals from certain objects. I don’t sense them as human or try to realize the signal into a language. It is a sense and translates directly into sensations, feelings, and emotional movements.

Do all objects have spirits? If so, are you aware of all of them all the time? Can you feel alone (private) in a room full of objects?

I believe that all things in nature and man-made objects from elements possess a spirit. This entails everything possessing atomic mass or combination thereof from any element. As an animist I am as much aware of the spiritual existence in all things as one is aware of each individual in their autos sitting in traffic. I know they are there but I am disconnected to many of them by matter of relationship. One can feel alone sitting at an airport surrounded by strangers. Most objects are just strangers to me that I have not met. However, the feeling of privacy can be a bit awkward for me if I get a sense of some of the objects around.

How do you know if your feelings are reciprocated?

Reciprocation from objects is certainly not so blatant as it is with humans or animals. It is a sense. If one were to lose their sight, their other senses would compensate. In the case of communicating with an object, I pick up on energy sensations. I am an animist and therefore subscribe very deeply to all things of matter having a spiritual energy. But let it not be misunderstood… I do not communicate with all objects, just as you do not speak with every person you pass on the street. You may sit in a café but that does mean you hear every conversation around you. So I resonate with some objects and little to none with others.

At what point does a man-made object have a spirit?

There seems to be a maturation period for manmade objects in that I get a stronger sense of their spirit the older they are. While I can and have sensed spiritual presence in objects pre-completion, the spirit evolves, changes over the life of the object… becomes wiser.

Don’t have much more to say on the subject beyond the fact that I am still happily married (to another human being lol), that this just adds another interesting, exciting layer to my understanding of the world as an animistic polytheist, and that I can’t wait to start reading about humanity’s long history of forming romantic, sexual, and other intimate relationships with the objects in their lives.

I wonder if people in spirit marriages and the like can relate to this, too?

For more info:

(I am not into fences – the red fence is just the symbol for OS.)


2 thoughts on “Coming Out as OS

  1. Have you seen the documentary “Married to the Eiffel Tower”? That’s where I first learned about OS, and it’s pretty interesting.

    “I wonder if people in spirit marriages and the like can relate to this, too?”

    That was my first thought, watching that doc. While I’ve never identified as OS myself, per se, as an animist and a spirit-married person, I feel like it’s all related on some level. I mean, how much difference is there between having a romantic relationship with a spirit that no one else can see or speak to and who communicates primarily through dreams, visions, omens, and internal feelings, and having a romantic relationship with the spirit of a physical object that likewise cannot interact in a human manner? There are some people who are very in tune with plants, and some with animals, and some with disembodied spirits – people who can communicate with these entities, people we often call shamans or the like – I wonder if there aren’t simply people who are very in tune with inanimate objects. And this would just be a natural progression of that affinity (though there could also be non-sexual and non-romantic but otherwise close relationships too, just as there are between humans). That’s my take on it at least, as a person who has a strong connection with at least a few “objects” that are, to my mind, persons in their own right.


    1. I haven’t – I did see a similar one about two men who fall in love with cars, though. I don’t think OS was ever mentioned… I think they used mechaphile/mechanophile. I thought it was totally out there stuff when I saw it, but something about it stuck with me. Guess this is that something lol.

      I definitely think it’s some kind of spectrum we all fall on. The vast majority of people get sentimental when it comes to cherished possessions, and a not insignificant number of those people name particularly beloved objects, talk to them, have some vague felt sense of them having emotional states.

      Tools and vehicles get this treatment the most, I feel – if you listen to the way a sailor talks about their ship, or a pilot their plane, there is a very intimate bond there, born from something like camaraderie and shared hardship. I imagine that ancient Europeans who named, say, their swords felt much the same way, and we know a lot about the spiritual significance of those warrior/weapon relationships now.

      It’s all very interesting to me! And I’m glad I got some thoughts from you on it. Surprised to hear that you know of OS, too.


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