Monkeys In the Desert

One of my grandmothers recently moved to Yucca Valley here in California, so we’ve been visiting her every month or so. This time I was wrapping up Star.Ships, and after taking a gander at the back blurb, she asked to borrow it from me. (She’s more of a new-ager than someone who believes in gods, but there’s a lot more to the text than that and I feel it has the potential to be interesting to a very wide audience.) So I raced to get through the last 50 pages over the weekend so I could leave it with her. I did, and the final chapters kicked my ass.

I took pictures of the “Non-Human Logic” section in the second-to-last chapter, and sent them to my husband, with whom I’ve been having a long-running dialogue about paganism, spirits, ghosts, and religion in general for a few years now. He was not raised with a religion, he has not had any religious or paranormal experience in his life, and the closest he’s had to a spiritual experience was during the years he spent being a psychonaut.

It triggered a very long conversation that I thought went pretty damn well. He’s long known about my experiences with hauntings and being mildly “sensitive”, but I’ve never just flat out said “I worship Gods”. Well, I basically did this time, using the book excerpt as a segue into how these relationships tend to work. He said he still has hangups about how that kind of communication happens versus how he tends to want it to happen – and wouldn’t we all prefer to hear our Gods speak to us in perfect newscaster English (or whatever human dialect of choice)?

I’m learning a lot about the nature of Gods and spirits and other beings not bound by the limitations of embodiment through my received comic work, and thanks to that I’m feeling more and more confident in talking about how They tend to work to someone who has no idea. I was able to explain it in a way that not only made sense to him, but brought paganism and polytheism just that much closer to the realm of possibility for him. Which is exciting to me, because I really do want to introduce him to some of my Gods, and I would be terribly excited to meet the Gods that he would be interested in as well.

I told him about the Twins, though, using their extremely unmistakable style of sending signs and synchronicities as an example of the way Gods communicate. (Two weeks after I introduced myself to Them, I landed a dream art job with a video game startup making $42k a year. Two days after being notified that They’d like me to dedicate an entire year of service to Them, I find out that the Chinese New Year has ushered in the year of the monkey.) And lo, shortly after the conversation was over, I found myself in a small gallery to help my grandmother pick up some of her displayed artwork, only to see not one, but a pair of works featuring one monkey each, in a gallery filled entirely with desert-themed or abstract art.

“Speaking of synchronicities,” I typed to him with a stupid grin. “Just got the equivalent of an immaterial text message.”

Side note: Other polytheists will often stress the importance of good communication between devotee and God, that the devotee cannot expect their Gods to know what they’re thinking or feeling. I feel this is perfectly reasonable – They’re not omniscient, after all. But I wonder, what with having icons of Them tattooed on me, that in a way they are literally and permanently under my skin, that I might have created a situation where They’ve got the phone line tapped, so to speak. Or maybe it’s more like the theory presented here, where we might be coming into an age of Gods who are much more omni-present than previous generations of Them. I don’t know, but it’s all terribly exciting.

Side note to the side note: Seeing as how my experience of the Twins are many, that the official lore is lacking, and that my UPG is vast, so much so that I believe that this Mask they wear for me may be altogether different than what They wore pre- or post-Humiliation, I’ve begun the extremely daunting task of figuring out if They might like for me to find new names for Them. Is that part of what this year is building up to? In incubating me, They are incubating Themselves so that They might be reborn for a contemporary polytheism?

Shit, I need a drink. And a diviner.


7 thoughts on “Monkeys In the Desert

  1. Very interesting, certainly…

    On the matter of being tattooed and thus having particular divine beings “under your skin”: yes, I’d agree that is possible that They therefore have access to some of your interior realities more so as a result of that…certainly, I had an experience a number of years back in which Antinous “came to live” in a particular part of my anatomy (in the solar plexus region, actually), and I’ve understood that therefore he knows “how the house is decorated,” so to speak, which doesn’t necessarily mean He knows all of my thoughts in detail, but He can get the general trends, and has a much greater insight into my emotional life than I often do since those things are hard to put into words.

    To use an analogy that is especially relevant to me at present: it’s like having one of these subcutaneous glucose sensors which measures the glucose levels in one’s interstitial fluid rather than in one’s blood. Yes, it has a relatively accurate reading, but it’s never what the actual blood sugar levels are; but the great advantage of it is it can gauge which direction and how fast one is “trending,” i.e. whether one’s blood sugar is going up or down at a given moment, which is a much more descriptive and useful-for-forward-planning reading than just a random number on the screen of a blood glucose meter (is that a 102 blood sugar going up, or going down?). It may be a similar thing with the ways in which divine beings can come to be under our skins, I think…


    1. If you don’t feel comfortable ritually disposing of it (ie just burning or composting it or something), then I’ll take it back! I was hoping that they might have a way of disposing of offerings like that, but that’s probably a lot to ask, all things considered.

      I’m sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye – I really didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to anyone, my bus came sooner than expected and I was out of there like a shot – but yeah! It was great to meet you too! I’m sure we’ll get to hang out again sometime. Maybe do a ritual together or something. Hope you had a good weekend!


      1. I’m rad (though a bit sad ~ it’s pretty!) with ritually disposing of it, sending it to you, or I was thinking they might wanna hang out with some of the folk on my shrine ~ Trash Goddess or Antinous or Pombagira or Inanna or My Lord Who Is Half Woman or someone . . .

        Also, I wanted to let you know about the Playbor Party being held at the QTIPOC healing land space I am helping at. If you can’t come, maybe you can help get the word out? The Facebook event is at and the website for the project is


        1. You’re more than welcome to do that too if you haven’t disposed of it yet! (Sorry about the delay in response – totally slipped my mind.) Mostly my intention was not to keep it. AFAIK, they do play well with Others who have less of a… “lawful good” or “lawful neutral” vibe about Them hahaha.

          And oh, that sounds great! I won’t be able to come, but I’ll see about signal boosting the event.


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