Old Blog Revisited

I felt compelled to go through posts on my old blog, Mountain, Path, and Pool, and here’s something I found that is important for me to remember:

I’ve been thinking a bit about what the basic tenets of living my faith really are. What it is that my religion means to teach me, how it means for me to live, when gods and worship are removed. There’s no book that lists these things, no cohesive collection of myths I can look to and interpret. So this is just my impression, from several years of research, of reading, of meditation, of listening.

The collective will always be more sacred than the individual. The gods made us to function collectively, within clans and communities. To act together, to live together, to worship together, to share with and help each other. To be as many bodies with a single head. To turn away from the human community is to turn away from the gods themselves.

Everything has spirit. From the mountains and the trees, to every ant, to every scrap of cloth. Treat the objects and places in our lives accordingly.

Blood, sweat, and tears are the only things that are truly ours to give. Everything else has been simply loaned to us from the divine to use for the short time we’re here.

Words are sacred. Ik, wind, breath, and speech, is that which connects us with the gods and the spirit world, the world of intention.

We are made of grain. Humans were crafted by the gods out of (maize) dough and divine blood. Show it respect, for making and eating bread is the most basic and sacred of rites, reminding us of our connection to the earth and the gods.

We are the product of sacrifice. Death and blood brought about our creation. Repay the debt and never forget how we came to be.

Live in truth. Be honest, be loyal. If we must fight, we must also practice reconciliation. We must always strive to be in right relationship with ourselves, our family and community, our land.

I still worship the same Gods as I did when I wrote this – though now I call them by different names publicly – and I’ve suddenly been struck by the possibility of introducing myself to another, since He has an especially vital connection to my ancestors as a protector of His people.

This reminds me that I haven’t done autosacrifice in a long, long time. Hm… I can’t really do it without a shrine and censor, though. (Not to mention that I don’t remember where my sharps are…)

There’s another post nearer to the top where I talk about my miasma and fallowness; and I wrote that one about 13 months ago:

I just feel dirty all the time now, drenched in miasma. It frustrated and pained me for a long time, months even. But now, I’m beginning to think that this is a necessary step in my growth. I’ve died, and I’m rotting, being turned slowly back into earth with the help of my new and much maligned friends.

And I’m feeling that my fallow time has passed or is passing, and that this next year will be a fervent, vital “springtime”.

Following that theme (and the wisdom of the Old Calendar of my Gods’ folkways; there are four Gods who alternate between being the patron of that year) then this might be something that just happens every four years – maybe every year corresponds with a season and 2015 just happened to be a winter. Looking back, this makes sense, as 2011 had me in a similar place, even as I was trying to rediscover the Gods after so many years of religious apathy.

Speaking of… I’ll be celebrating my 4th anniversary with the hubs in a few weeks! :0


One thought on “Old Blog Revisited

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! And I hope that next year does indeed prove to be a new spring.

    Off topic, but it was good talking with you a bit yesterday, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts if you want to share any. You can email me here.


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