My Comic Work and Patreon

Well, here I go: officially breaching the membrane I’ve stretched between my professional, mundane life, and my radical polytheist one.

I’ve mentioned my cartooning work in passing before, but I feel like Now Is The Time to share it with you all in a meaningful capacity. And not because of the crummy situation outlined in my previous post (though partly, tbh), but because of where I am in the story now, and the themes I’m being pushed to explore in the coming chapters.

To give you an idea of what I mean, here’s the introduction to book 3, Vestigial Fire, that I’ve just got done uploading this week:

(I need to take out the quotes from the first coupla pages bleh)

A visual summary of the story can be found here. (Yes, there are no human characters in the comic.)

At first, I thought that The First Law was just going to be about a few angry members of an otherwise disenfranchised underclass sticking it to the man and escaping out into the world. But then gods and ancestors started taking over the story at some point a few years ago, and now it’s almost more about them than the protagonists. In a world where science has invented reincarnation and defeated death, the mighty dead and chthonic powers are mad. So this is them, doing something about it.

I’m not entirely sure that any of you will find this interesting. I’m not even sure if any of you like comics. But in the off chance that you do… I have a Patreon for the project. And it would be hella fucking rad if you find this worth throwing a few bucks at.

But besides that, this is the work I’ve been doing that somehow – and it sounds a little silly, “saying” this aloud – feels spirit-led. There is so much of this story that I have no control over. So many times when I could have up and quit, but didn’t for reasons inexplicable to me. When I’m scripting, so much of it feels like automatic writing in a way, and editing feels wrong. (Even though I edit the fuck out of everything else I write.) I haven’t even gone back and read the entirety of what I’ve done so far. In a weird way, these pages just sort of happen.

Anyways, that’s about all I have to say about it, I think. Doing this is part busking, part show-n-tell, and part self-reconciliation work. (In the previous post I did say that I’m having a hard time integrating my polytheism into the rest of my life, though. I want to work on breaking down these self-imposed barriers.)

It’s funny – in my art life, I’m self-conscious about my religion. And in my religious life, I’m self-conscious about my art.

That’s definitely not going to get me hardly anywhere.


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