Non-Binary Mysteries Prompt #7

This month’s theme is Spirits and Ancestors.

Optional questions to answer:

Do you work with spirits who are not gods? If so, how do they reconcile themselves with gender if they do so at all?

Do you work with queer and/or trans dead? If you do, who are they and how?

Do you work with saints who you associate with trans, or specifically nonbinary, identity? How?

If you work with the Wild Hunt, how do you conceive of that phenomenon in terms of gender?

If you work with the Fae/Fair Folk/Good Neighbors/etc., how do you conceive of them in terms of gender?

Do you think that individuals like Sylvia Rivera or Frida Kahlo have the potential to achieve apotheosis/be elevated to godhood or something like sainthood? What do you perceive the ethics of that to be? How might that happen? Do you think the pagan/polytheist/craft communities would benefit from this?


Responses will be collected around the first of November. (Because I’m a bum and can’t be bothered to keep track of dates.) I will attempt to catalogue late responses, but if I miss yours, please link to it in the comments. Guidelines and info can be found in the Masterpost.


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