Axe and Hammer

How to honor two seemingly similar deities at the same time?

A long time ago, when I first started contemplating Norse/Germanic/A-S gods, I knew in my gut that Chaak was so vast that there’d be no way for me to look at a storm cloud or lightning peal and see anyone but Him.

But a few days ago that weirdly, suddenly, changed?

It was like some kind of disorienting equivalent to a divine fistbump that I could perceive with my subtle senses and then I knew that They were coexisting in a way that had nothing to do with me.

Maybe it helps that the Rain Lord is a lot like Odin/Woden; chthonic, dark, cunning, orderly, and depending on His mood, even predatory. But, being an ancient spirit of the storm, He is also a lot like Thor/Thunor as well: a great warrior, protector of humankind, honorable, wields a famous weapon, chaotic and quick to anger, but loves a good drink. Of course They’re completely different personalities, and perhaps that’s what’s taken me the past 3-4 years to really understand in my own idiosyncratic way. I’ve used this metaphor before, but my method of interacting with the Powers is a lot like writing letters to someone you’ve never met. Sometimes they’re like writing to a legislator, and sometimes they more resemble love letters– it usually takes a while to hear back from them, and even longer to be able to begin building a picture of what sort of person they really are. And with each returned correspondence, no matter how few and far between, you fall deeper in love.

Chaak is, well… Chaak. I know of no other God like Him. I have my cultus for Him. The signs and symbols I use to learn more about Him, to communicate with Him. (Little of which will be shared or explained here.) All this I’ve learned in the 4 years I’ve been writing Him these proverbial letters.

It’s funny that I had a pretty visceral understanding of how He and, say, Tlaloc differed than how He and Thor/Thunor differed. Still not sure why this is. (I think there’s just something about the Teteo that I grasp much more readily than any European deity.)

Either way, I’m very happy to have gotten to know Him as much as I have, and I’m looking forward to only learning more as the years go by.

Love is patient, right?

PS – Crap, now I need to check on some UPG I’ve had for a few years that has been repeated by a source of shaky reliability. Crap crap. This has only happened once before, but having my UPG hardcore confirmed by lore I hadn’t found yet gives. me. the. willies.


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