The Work Begins

When Gods & Radicals announced that it was seeking submissions for a print publication of sorts, I knew I wanted to participate. I thought about doing an essay about green anarchism and global warming in the context of radial polytheism, but I wasn’t sure if what I had to say on the topic was interesting or even plain coherent enough to submit. So I set that idea aside and some weeks later realized that I needed to do a poem. I’ve always loved poetry, but it’d been about a decade since I wrote anything. So I hammered that out, and am in the meditation phase– like painting, this is the point where you’ve laid the ground, done your gestural composition, and are now ready to actualize the details. It feels good.

But I came back to the idea of an essay. I’ve done some reading of important works that have helped to shape my worldview lately, and I started to feel that the essay was beginning to take form in my mind. I figured that I’d least give it a shot. But in working with the goddess that I am right now, I wasn’t sure if writing about politics and philosophy was something that would do Her justice, and wondered if I should just put all my energy into the poem. Over at my other blog, Zero Waste Millennial, I’ve gotten a good taste for essay writing and amateur journalism, but it just didn’t feel like it would be to Her liking. I started anyway; I’d see how things panned out as I worked on it.

Lo, I got an omen. I don’t get those very often; hell, maybe only once or twice a year if I’m being honest. But this was unmistakable: a typo involving a single word that had nothing to do with the intended context that suddenly made the entire sentence about what I was doing. I didn’t even catch it until my first read-through of the paragraph! I guess I will be finishing up and submitting this essay after all. And even if it doesn’t get accepted, it’ll still have been an important thing for me to write and learn from.

So remember kids: if you think you’ve seen an omen, a sign from the Gods or Spirits or Dead, then you probably haven’t. You’ll know an omen when you see one.



3 thoughts on “The Work Begins

    1. Thanks! I realized the old layout did a really poor job of making text on the sidebar very visible, and seeing as how I’m going to be doing more with pages, I figured I ought to have a menu front and center. As for the tagline, I figured that I cannot be described as being any thing– but I can be described as pursuing and contemplating them. :]


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