Non-Binary Mysteries Prompt #6

This month’s theme is Group Work.

Optional questions to answer:

Have you ever done group work?

If you have, do you still do it? Why or why not?

Do you wish you could do group work?

How does your group work differ from your personal work? In terms of the Gods and Spirits? In terms of the success of workings?

Does the gender (not sex) of your fellow devotees or magicians ever matter? Why or why not?

Can you imagine an instance where gender (not sex) would be important to a group ritual?

Have you ever been part of a group ritual where there were particular roles defined for participants of specific genders? How did you feel about it at the time? How do you feel about it looking back? Would you, for any reason, participate in a similar group ritual together?

Have you ever been part of a public ritual? Is it something you participate in regularly?

If you could design any sort of group ritual, whether public or private, what purpose would it serve? What goal would it achieve?

Responses will be collected around the first of September. (Because I continue to be a bum and can’t be bothered to keep track of dates.) I will attempt to catalogue late responses, but if I miss yours, please link to it in the comments in the appropriate responses thread. Guidelines and info can be found in the Masterpost.


8 thoughts on “Non-Binary Mysteries Prompt #6

    1. If you post your reply to wordpress and link to the prompt you’re responding to, I’ll get a pingback that’ll let me know you’ve participated. Generally that’s the best way for me to keep track of who’s written for the roundtable. :]

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        1. No problem, the system will do it automatically for whatever link you include in your post. If all else fails, you can let me know about your entry if you don’t see it in the responses entry I make at the end of the month. Good luck and thanks for participating!

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