Courses to Take

These are some of the courses I want to take regarding some of the social work I want/have been tasked to do. If I pursue a crowdfunding campaign to be able to afford some of this training, then transparency is an absolute must.

Psychological First Aid – John Hopkins University via Coursera
– Free to audit, $61 for a certificate of completion.

Conversations that Inspire: Coaching Learning, Leadership and Change – Case Western Reserve University via Coursera
– Same as above; free to audit, $61 for a certificate. ($61 is a really weird price to have. Why not just $60??)

Basic Counselling Skills (CNSK 1401) – Vancouver Community College
– A continuing ed class at a local CC. $480 for a 2-credit, 2-month course, plus a $25 student union fee. Any further education requires a letter of recommendation and 35 hours of hands-on experience. I’d say that eventually this might be something to aim for, but I doubt that I’d be allowed to do anything outside of the establishment, so nix that I guess.

Coaching Essentials – Erickson International
– A local life coaching school with full ACTP accreditation. There is a full program available, but this is the at-home “sparknotes” version. $500 CAD.

Crisis Response Care courses:

Emotional and Spiritual Care in Disasters
Spiritual and Psychological First Aid
Group Crisis Intervention

The great thing about this organization is that they provide this training free of charge. Unfortunately, I’d have to travel to participate in courses as it doesn’t appear any are scheduled for the west coast. Also, they seem to be a Christian-affiliated organization, so it might be awkward being there as a polytheist.

Other potentially useful material:

Training Material for Hotlines and Helplines

Crisis Response Care’s Handouts and PDFs

Climate Change – University of Melbourne via Coursera
(I mean, I know a crapton about the collection of phenomena we call “climate change” already, but there’s always more to learn.)

Major Depression in the Population: A Public Health Approach – John Hopkins University via Coursera


So… yeah. Wow. That’s a lot of education for very little to show for it besides a few certificates.

Whether it’s the anarchist in me or not, I know that I will not be looking to make a living doing this, and have very little interest in pursuing the “proper” channels of legitimizing my skills and service. I don’t want a degree, I don’t want accreditation, I don’t want a “practice”. My services will be by donation only. A sliding scale of $0-20/hr or something.

I have no idea how I ought to be doing this. No idea who I need to be networking with, or how… or how I ought  to be establishing myself in “the community”. Right now, I’m a nobody, and I doubt that anyone will come to me for advice or support unless they know who I am or (shudder) unless I advertise myself.

Either way, this is going to be a metric fuckton of work. Even just the free courses will occupy several months of my time.

I honestly can’t believe that I’m doing this at all. This is so left-field for me; it literally came out of nowhere. And now, I could very well be dedicating the next 18 months to learning all of this stuff and securing the funding to do it.

It’s… kind of scary, actually. But it’s something I have to do.

2 thoughts on “Courses to Take

    1. I think one of my greatest fears in setting myself to this task is that it’s unnecessary, even though everything I’m seeing in the world says otherwise. Thank you.

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