Non-Binary Mysteries Prompt #5

This month’s theme is Miasma and Ritual Purity.

Optional questions to answer:

What does your path have to say about the concept of miasma or ritual purity?

How do you define ritual purity?

Is miasma a useful concept to your practice? Why or why not?

How might miasma or ritual purity relate to your body or the process of transition?

If you have transitioned or are undergoing transition, have you noticed changes in how you need to cleanse or rid yourself of miasma before worship and ritual work?

How do you feel about the traditional gendered implications of miasma and ritual purity? Are they still relevant to your practice, or have you abandoned them?

If you’re both a polytheist and practitioner of magic, does your worship and practice differ in the kind of demands they have on your ritual purity? How?

Responses will be collected around the first of August. (Because I’m a bum and can’t be bothered to keep track of dates.) I will attempt to catalogue late responses, but if I miss yours, please link to it in the comments. Guidelines and info can be found in the Masterpost.


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