The Power of Obligation and A Polytheist Knighthood

Impressive work going on here.

Magick From Scratch

St-George-Burne-JonesLI may have gone on record saying something like, “A Polytheist needs mystical initiation like a fish needs a bicycle.” In many ways, I stand by this. The equivalent of spiritual alchemy happens in gnostic relationships with deities, whether it is what we are trying to do or not. However, as I also contemplate the issues which some people are reporting with deities simply not treating them with decency and respect, I cannot discount initiation, or at least one particular part of initiation, as a possible solution.

If we weave a fabric, to which consent-first Polytheists could belong, it would draw a boundary around us, perhaps causing deities to manifest for us in a more consistent (and hopefully more desirable) way. This common fabric, or thought bubble, or the space within the boundary, is what many occultists refer to as an egregore. Egregore is the best word I have, in the…

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