Non-Binary Mysteries Prompt #4

This month’s theme is Plants, Animals and Fungi.

Optional questions to answer:

What plant, animal, or fungus spirits do you work with? How?

What do you know about the way the occult has traditionally gendered animals, and how do you feel about it?

If non-binary people had power animals, which do you think they would be?

How has animal sacrifices of antiquity translated into your practice/worship here and now?

What have you learned from plants, animals, and/or fungi? Since starting your religious/magical path?

What kinds of roles do plants, animals, and fungi play in your tradition’s mythology? What’s your favorite of these stories that feature one of them? Can the story be said to have anything to do with gender?

Responses will be collected on June 30th. I will attempt to catalogue late responses, but if I miss yours, please link to it in the comments. Guidelines and info can be found in the Masterpost.


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