Divination and Sigil Creation Services

Hey all!

Gonna cut to the chase: I have about $150 to my name right now, and no money coming in from any source other than Patreon, which gives me about $90 for my art, after cuts and processing fees and all that. I gotta be able to like, buy food and stuff. I live with my husband right now, but we don’t share expenses, and half of his income goes directly to rent anyways (not including utilities or anything else), so we’re both living the broke life.

That said, I’m offering divination work and custom sigil creation.


1 card draw: $1
3 card draw: $5
Custom draw: negotiable

I’m using an indie oracle deck by an artist named Pam Wishbow with beautifully stylized imagery in copper ink on 32 black cards. I have a home-brewed rune system that I use too, but I’m working on making a set of staves for them and can’t do readings at this time. I will use other oracle decks as they find me.


Custom sigil: $5

For the latter, I will create and charge a sigil from any written intention that you have. You will receive a photo of my process and the finished sigil, and the physical paper will be ritually destroyed. Keep your written intention short, direct, and clear. I assume no responsibility for any misdirected energy from ill-planned intentions.

Both of these transactions will take place over email, with payment (ugh) taken over Paypal. I also take Bitcoin, but if you’re located in Canada, concealed cash is, sadly, ideal, as that’s where I’m located right now. Please send requests to milokeen at protonmail dot ch. Thanks!


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