Non-binary Mysteries Prompt #3

This month’s theme is Fertility Cycles.

(I figured it would be good timing, what with spring happening for many of us!)

Optional questions to answer:

What do you make of seasonal cycles as popularized by neo-paganism?

How has your understanding and relationship to the seasons and calendar year changed over the years? Where did you start?

What does your calendar look like? What does it tend to focus on?

How do you relate to sun cycles vs moon cycles?

How has the concept of fertility impacted the relationship you have with your body as a trans person?

Do you have an alternate way of constructing the concept of fertility?

If your tradition has more than one creation myth, which one do you like best?

If you’re a witch, what are your thoughts on the power and symbolism of menstruation and menstrual blood?

Responses will be collected on April 30th. I will attempt to catalogue late responses, but if I miss yours, please link to it in the comments. Guidelines and info can be found in the Masterpost.


4 thoughts on “Non-binary Mysteries Prompt #3

  1. *Please delete previous comment.*

    – I cherish the seasons, New Englander here.
    – I hate the cold but I would never ever trade it or the snow and muck for something milder.
    – I’ve always hated New Years celebration, seemed arbitrary. But, I’ve grown to like having a holiday season that represents the end/beginning of a cycle. It’s date is off by a few weeks, but that’s ok.
    – Since estrogen, I understand wanting children. I’m just way to old to for it to matter much. I just like knowing I’ve alawys had it in me, that it was left unsupported by testosterone.
    – “I’m only happy when it rains.” Not really, but I love the rain. Fuck you weatherman: good day, bad day based on the weather.


    1. Hi there Witless X, while I appreciate your response this roundtable is specifically for nonbinary people who are practicing pagans, polytheists, witches, spiritworkers, and so on.


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