Non-binary Mysteries Responses: #2

Well, I’m exactly 2 days late for this, but I’ll ask that you all forgive me because I had a crazy convention weekend and what with some adrenal issues, apparently I need a few days to recover. :Y

At any rate, here are the responses from last month’s prompt. Thank you everyone who responded!

The theme was Sun and Moon Symbolism.

Nicstoirm talks about how there isn’t really any such thing as a “sun” or “moon” deities in Gaelic mythology.

Makshi recalls an interesting study about attributes people associate with their assigned gender, then goes on to talk about the sun and moon in their Kemetic tradition.

Eddie writes about the roles of Mani and Sol in Norse mythology, and how small they really are.

Uloboridae says that to them, “the moon feels male”, and talks about their friend’s fictional gods, and other traditions.


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