Non-binary Mysteries Responses: #1

The theme was Beginnings.

Uloboridae at Along the River writes about kitsune, being agendered, and officially coming out on their blog. Grats!

Eddie writes about coming to find Loki and always knowing that they were agender.

Nicstoirm talks about questioning their birth gender, coming to identify as demigirl, and their history as a practicing Celtic polytheist.

Meirya at Of Horn and Ivory tells a wonderful story about leaving Christianity, having trans friends, and bringing Wepwawet into their life.

Fireinthesea on tumblr recalls a frustrating upbringing of being forced to conform before finding witchcraft, and later, Gaelic polytheism. (cw)

And last but not least, I have an entry too.

Later entries:

Scylla at Root and Rock has some very interesting opinions and interpretations of what made everything.


2 thoughts on “Non-binary Mysteries Responses: #1

  1. This makes me want to write about being non-binary trans and how it relates to my spiritual life too.
    I’m really enjoying the posts, yours and the other blogs now too.


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