First Tarot Cards

I said that I’d be working on a tarot deck this year, and by golly, I’ve got 2 finished already, with many more worked out (nearly all the major arcana and currently all 4 aces). Here is Strength and the Ace of Knives:


It’s going to be a mix of modern characters and symbols mixed with ye olde ones, but not in any sort of juxtapository or irreverent way. I actually plan on using this when it’s done, after all.

The four suits in this deck are knives, cords, books, and minerals (that last one is still a bit tentative). And as for the name, I’m not sure yet, but I do know I want “coltan” in it.


2 thoughts on “First Tarot Cards

    1. It’s not much of a profound reason… I did it because they’re symbols I can intuit from much faster an easier than the traditional suits. Books correspond to water/emotions, knives are fire/action, cords air/communication, and minerals earth/material needs and pursuits. As I started fleshing them out more, it occurred to me just how versatile each one is for illustrating scenes and making them relevant symbols/props for different meanings. A knife, for instance, could be a sword, a scalpel, or like the above, a chef’s knife. I plan to have cords represent everything from USB and cat-5 cables to balls of yarn.

      I may have a partial fifth suit too, eyes. Would probably do most of the deck before I make up my mind about that tho.

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