Nonbinary Mysteries Masterpost

Ok all, here it is. The Nonbinary Mysteries Roundtable will be a series of loose prompts and themes that nonbinary pagans, polytheists, witches, and everyone in between, can respond to in order to develop the collective understanding we have of ourselves, our unique experience of gender, and how it relates to our worship and/or practice. People of all nonbinary identities are encouraged to participate!

The Format

The general format of this roundtable is that of a monthly prompt to be answered on whichever platform best suits you, whether wordpress, tumblr, or something else. Participation is not mandatory; you can respond to all the prompts if you want, or you can respond to just one if that’s the only subject you felt you had something to contribute to. You are also under no obligation to answer any of the suggested questions; they’re just there if you have a hard time coming up with ideas.

Prompts will be announced on the first of every month (until I run out of prompts I guess), and writings will be collected at the end of the month. Please use the hashtag #NBmysteries so that posts can be easily found; if I don’t catch your entry, please do post a link to it on the associated blog post here at Rotwork so it can be added.

The Content

Because of the nature of some of the questions, responses may be triggering or contain upsetting material. There may be talk about genitals, bodily fluids, self-harm, less common practices involving blood or death, or even just UPG that may not be agreeable to everyone.

Participants, PLEASE make sure to add content warnings to your posts where they apply.

  1. Feb. 2015: “Beginnings” | Responses
  2. Mar. 2015: “Sun and Moon Symbolism” | Responses
  3. Apr. 2015: “Fertility Cycles” | Responses
  4. June 2015: “Plants, Animals, and Fungi” | Responses
  5. July 2015: “Miasma and Ritual Purity” | Responses
  6. Aug. 2015: “Group Work | Responses
  7. Oct. 2015: “Spirits and Ancestors” | Responses TBA

If anyone has any questions or comments, please share them here if you can. I want this to be as beneficial to as many people as possible.

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