Starting a Roundtable

I’m really interested in gathering up and putting together a knowledgebase and a repository of collective experience for agender, genderless, and neutrois pagans/polytheists/witches. And I think that the best way to get this dialogue going is via roundtable discussions and prompts.

So this is going to be my focus for now; I’ll probably wind up posting questions here to think aloud about what may be best. The format I think I like the most is that of the Carnival of Aces, which is a monthly themed prompt, the prompt usually being a basic idea or concept like “Dating” or “Religion and Asexuality”, which the host usually comes up with a few more detailed questions about in case people have a hard time with open-ended themes.

Some basic categories for consideration:

  • Gods/spirits
  • UPG
  • Myth
  • Craft
  • Ritual
  • Community
  • Literature
  • Coping
  • Struggles
  • Sexuality

I’ll need a name… something that can be translated into a hashtag for easy discovery and tracking. Non-Gendered/Gender-Neutral Mysteries Roundtable: NG/GN MRT? Agender, Genderless, and Neutrois Mysteries Roundtable: AGNMRT? Yikes. Gotta work on that.


3 thoughts on “Starting a Roundtable

  1. I think this is an awesome idea. I think the best way to deal with the erasure non-binary identities often face in paganism is for non-binary individuals to be more open about our identities and outspoken about the problems we face.

    That said, I have a disability which sometimes robs me of my ability to communicate effectively for long stretches. I cannot realistically promise to be an active participant, although I would certainly be interested in following such a project.


    1. Hi there!

      No worries, there is NO obligation to reply to all the prompts, or even to reply to them by the deadline (though it would be much appreciated if participants could). Feel free to reply to what you want to, when you can. The main point is to have themed posts by NB practitioners collected together into a single, centrally-located, series. :]


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