Astrology for… Cars.

When I’m not busy doing weird magic things, performing blood sacrifice, and feeding my spirits with dope smoke and tequila, I’m apparently figuring out how to extrapolate a birth chart for my car, the spirit of which I’m in an intimate relationship with. Because I’m polytheist and OS. I don’t really know hardly anything about astrology, actually. … More Astrology for… Cars.

The Exploding Head

For several years I’ve experience something called Exploding Head Syndrome – commonly described as a hypnogogic sleep disorder characterized as a loud, sudden “sound” heard inside or very near to one’s head while trying to fall asleep or while waking up from sleep. My symptoms met that criteria… at first. But then it started getting … More The Exploding Head

An article comparing Aztec virtue ethics to that of the ancient Greeks

‘Life on the slippery Earth: Aztec moral philosophy has profound differences from the Greek tradition, not least its acceptance that nobody is perfect’ Fascinating! My studies of Aztec philosophy are almost nil, and I don’t work with any of the Teteo (though I’ve given it extensive thought), but my time researching ancient Maya philosophy and metaphysics … More An article comparing Aztec virtue ethics to that of the ancient Greeks

Almost Moved In

Well, I’m almost moved in. I still haven’t set up my primary shrine to the Old Man yet, as I won’t exactly feel comfortable doing so until the room is significantly more organized lol, but my spirit altar and my spartan shrine to Miro and Mano are out. I rediscovered a ziploc bag I had … More Almost Moved In