Publications I’m Reading

My nonfiction tastes vary wildly, except for one general rule: I have no time for puff or fluff. Beyond that, anything providing a deep, complex, or thoughtful analysis of anything pertaining to polytheistic theology, magic, animism, modernism and post-modernism, art, anthropology, folklore, and the intersections thereof, interest me greatly. Online Mags Emergence Magazine. “It has … More Publications I’m Reading

A Scarf for my Mom

I bought my mom a ready-to-dye scarf kit for her birthday. We tried dyeing it at her house, but the coffee/beet mixture I threw together didn’t give us much in the way of results from sundyeing, so I took it home and resolved to dye it here. I’ve been playing around with natural dyes for … More A Scarf for my Mom

More On ‘Things I Like’, Art Edition

It’s been a few shitty-ass mental health months for me, but I’m trying to stay engaged. I’ve been reading some essays on aesthetics and philosophy (the former I would heartily encourage any sufficiently serious polytheist artist to have at least a basic understanding of in how it pertains to their tradition), and I’m getting pretty … More More On ‘Things I Like’, Art Edition

Just sharing some links I’ve found interesting lately. One of my favorite online publications has put out a small cookbook called Seasons of the Monastic Table, featuring beautiful photography, simple and seasonally appropriate ingredients, and an emphasis on the mindfulness of what and why we’re eating what we’re eating. There’s recipes for saurkraut, floral beverages, dehydrated … More

The Cosmology of ‘Things I Like’

I don’t really know what else to call it, but this is something I’ve identified among the strongly secular agnostic/atheist/humanist demographic in our western world, and it enjoys quite a vast reign among us contemporary pagans as well; even those who purport to possess and follow a less individualist historical cosmology. The cosmology of “things … More The Cosmology of ‘Things I Like’