More Mexican Masks

Besides a mock wedding with men dressed as women, mentioned in my previous post, Carnaval (Carnival, Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday) in San Martín Tilcajete also means young men covered in motor oil (yuck!) and paint running through the village with belts of cowbells ringing. And, it means muchas mascaras de madera — in […] … More More Mexican Masks

Excerpt from ‘Concerning the Spirits of Art’

Apparently I’ve started working on a short, booklet-length treatise about the role of art in animist and polytheist lifeways. It’s partly a direct response to Kandinsky’s Concerning the Spiritual In Art, a treatise he wrote in 1917 about useful things like composition, form and color; but it also greatly concerns itself with futurism and a kind of … More Excerpt from ‘Concerning the Spirits of Art’

Contributors Needed for Polytheist/Animist Zine: 2nd Call

I’ve found two folks who are interested so far! So here’s another reminder – it’s still happening if you’d like to get in on the ground floor. A few more details about the project, mostly taken from a brainstorm page I wrote up: Four (another name possibly TBD) is an experiment in bringing polytheist discourse … More Contributors Needed for Polytheist/Animist Zine: 2nd Call

My Gods Are Good

My Gods are good. When I first approached Them, They seemed so comparatively small. Young. Egoistic. I was in desperate need of a Power of the arts at the time I introduced myself, and They took me in. Every concrete, mundane thing I have asked of Them – every single one – They have given me. At first … More My Gods Are Good