Lichenized Mask — imWalde

LichenizedNovember 2020broken plaster life mask (found), natural earth pigment egg tempera paint, real dried lichens, wool roving© DverLichenized Mask — imWalde Dver's work is so, so good. Please take a look.

Ancestor Project part 9: The Days of the Dead

The ofrenda below a piece my grandmother painted for me when I was born. Tortillas with Cempasuchil 2 c. masa harina1-1½ c. hot water1 tsp. salt1 tsp. oil (vegetable, coconut, etc.)at least 1/4 c. clean marigold petals Add water and salt to the masa and knead until well incorporated. It should not be too wet as... Continue Reading →

October Works

Tezcatlipoca, Tlazolteotl, and two personal works. I'll spare explanations of these god images for now, as I'll be talking about them more in conjunction with the Neyolmelaoalitzli that I plan on beginning late this fall, perhaps at the end of November after the quick succession of remembrance days. (If I'm given the final go-ahead and... Continue Reading →

Human Sacrifice: Let’s get one thing straight

Now that Nahua/Mexica/"Aztec" reconstructionism is starting to come across people's radars again (Miss us? It's been a while!) I'm starting to see the same contrived pearl-clutching regarding the concept of human sacrifice coming back in full force as well. For you morally indignant pearl-clutchers out there, your reaction is not new, not novel, and not... Continue Reading →

Polytheism Dot Info — KALLISTI

I bought the domain name because I learned that it was available. The page now contains a basic definition of polytheism. I tried to keep the nuance minimal. Feel free to link to this definition if you are talking to others about polytheism and searching for a summary that could be skimmed in an […]Polytheism... Continue Reading →

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