Contributors Needed for Polytheist/Animist Zine: 2nd Call

I’ve found two folks who are interested so far! So here’s another reminder – it’s still happening if you’d like to get in on the ground floor. A few more details about the project, mostly taken from a brainstorm page I wrote up: Four (another name possibly TBD) is an experiment in bringing polytheist discourse … More Contributors Needed for Polytheist/Animist Zine: 2nd Call

My Gods Are Good

My Gods are good. When I first approached Them, They seemed so comparatively small. Young. Egoistic. I was in desperate need of a Power of the arts at the time I introduced myself, and They took me in. Every concrete, mundane thing I have asked of Them – every single one – They have given me. At first … More My Gods Are Good

They -Were- Worshiped.

The world lost so, so much when the Codices were destroyed. One of those things that was lost was the accumulated knowledge of the nature of many of the Gods, and much of what we have paints a painfully incomplete picture. Case in point: the primary text I’ve studied concerning my Gods comes from just … More They -Were- Worshiped.

Doing Easy

An essay by William S. Boroughs: DE is a way of doing. It is a way of doing everything you do. DE simply means doing whatever you do in the easiest most relaxed way you can manage which is also the quickest and most efficient way, as you will find as you advance in DE. … More Doing Easy