The Human Initiation

More and more I’m feeling like being human in any meaningful sense – in the sense that gives us the impetus to worship Gods, to know our place, to have respectful relationships with things rather than antagonistic ones – is a series of initiations, and that more and more, this idea of progress is so … More The Human Initiation

The Child

It was too late when I found you Gasping and shivering; the cool hand of death was near Your blood ran down my fingers, stained my flesh And I felt the desperation of your small, new heart Then you were still. I covered you with flowers before covering you with dirt Before covering you with … More The Child

I lived on the beach with one foot in fatal salt water and one foot on a billion grains of sand. The brink of the infinite there was too like writing’s solitude. Each sentence hung over an abyssal ocean or sky which held all possibilities, as well as the possibility of nothing. In June and … More