Breaking Point

I’ve hit a real low lately. Bullshit with immigration, lack of work, and living with my mother is really beginning to take its toll emotionally. I came back from Canada last week and I’ve just been in a thick fog since. I get Old Man feels around this time of year. This is when He … More Breaking Point

Beyond Hope

In spite of his opinions of trans people, I would still probably get along with Jensen if I somehow found myself in his company, because the man has a way of writing what I feel and know in my bones to be some kind of true and he does it in a way that makes … More Beyond Hope

MGW and Amor Fati

Well, I’m late to the game, but it doesn’t feel right to post anything to the blog without first talking a little bit about my experiences at Many Gods West. I had a good time, and Olympia is definitely one of my favorite cities in Cascadia now. I really want to go back and stay … More MGW and Amor Fati

Polytheism and the Secular Salvation Doctrine

If political orientations look more like a torus than a spectrum, then I’m directly across the doughnut hole from centrism, and a touch to the left. But I don’t call myself a leftist anymore – nor “progressive” or “liberal” – and here’s why. In  his book After Progress, John Michael Greer outlines a position that I … More Polytheism and the Secular Salvation Doctrine

There’s the Work of the Gods, and Then There’s the Work of the Gods

There are a few people – and I mean few – who I’ve told that my graphic novel about aliens and their gods that I’m currently working on feels like it’s coming from somewhere else, somewhere outside of myself. I’ve told a few people under no uncertain terms that it doesn’t feel like this story belongs … More There’s the Work of the Gods, and Then There’s the Work of the Gods