Just sharing some links I’ve found interesting lately. One of my favorite online publications has put out a small cookbook called Seasons of the Monastic Table, featuring beautiful photography, simple and seasonally appropriate ingredients, and an emphasis on the mindfulness of what and why we’re eating what we’re eating. There’s recipes for saurkraut, floral beverages, dehydrated … More

The Cosmology of ‘Things I Like’

I don’t really know what else to call it, but this is something I’ve identified among the strongly secular agnostic/atheist/humanist demographic in our western world, and it enjoys quite a vast reign among us contemporary pagans as well; even those who purport to possess and follow a less individualist historical cosmology. The cosmology of “things … More The Cosmology of ‘Things I Like’

Feast Week

My husband and I are celebrating Feast Week this year – it almost slipped us by! I did it privately last year just to see how feasible it was for me to do, and found that it was a great, whimsical way to usher in the fall. Feast Week was conceived by a member of … More Feast Week

Embracing Miasma

One of the things that is sorely lacking in the discourse surrounding miasma and spiritual pollution is that there is a cyclical component to its effect on our lives. Miasma isn’t just random volleys of mundane filth that we get points for dodging, or inherent only in acts of secular, material life. There are greater cycles at … More Embracing Miasma

Indifference of Convenience? Pagan Community Silence on Mauna Kea — Of Axe and Plough

When it comes to protesting development over sacred sites, the wider Pagan community (online as it is) tends to be relatively vociferous. With the Dakota Access Pipeline and the conflict which erupted at Standing Rock over that situation, writers of Paganism unleashed a flurry of information, coordination, and protests. A search of the “Dakota Access […] … More Indifference of Convenience? Pagan Community Silence on Mauna Kea — Of Axe and Plough